Colored Contacts – The Best Colored Contact Lenses

The best colored contacts offer an easy way for you to change the appearance of your eyes’ natural color with special contact lenses. It’s common for people to look for the best blue contacts for brown eyes.

If you were born with dark eyes and have always wanted lighter eyes, you can wear colored contact lenses to help you achieve that. Alternatively, if you light eyes and have wondered what you would look like with darker eyes, you do that too.

Today, we will cover the basics of buying colored contact lenses and show you the most popular and safest colored contacts available on the market.

You need a valid prescription to purchase colored contacts, even if you have perfect vision and don’t normally need vision correction.

Because colored contact lenses are often purchased for purely cosmetic purposes, they are available without prescriptions in them. This means you can wear them even if you have perfect vision!

HOWEVER, you still need to have a licensed eyecare professional write you a prescription for colored eye lenses, even if you naturally have perfect eyesight and don’t need colored lenses that contain a prescription or power.

Contact lenses without any vision correction are often referred to as “plano” contacts. These non-prescription lenses still require a valid prescription for you to purchase them because the FDA regulates ALL contact lenses as Class II or Class III medical devices. Non-plano contact lenses are often used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

All contact lens prescriptions are SPECIFIC to the brand and product. So if you have a valid prescription for Acuvue Define, that does not mean that you can purchase Air Optix Colors or Dailies Colors, without contacting your doctor or updating your prescription!

Most contact lenses are Class II medical devices; this classification means they pose a moderate risk to patient health when used without appropriate physician oversight.

The FTC issues the guidelines required of all contact lens retailers and prescribers. That means that you should avoid sites where you can purchase contact lenses without having them verify your prescription. This is a huge red flag, and it means that your safety and the health of your eyes is not a priority to the retailer. It may also be a sign that they don’t carry the highest quality lenses.

Improper use of contact lenses or low-quality lens materials can lead to temporary or permanent damage to the eye. Possible problems include eye pain, corneal ulcers, and vision loss or blindness, among several other ailments.

You should always purchase high-quality contact lenses for your eyes

When it comes to contact lenses, you often do get exactly what you pay for.

It can be tempting to buy cheap contacts from a no-name site if you only plan to wear them for Halloween or with a costume. But traditional ‘costume’ contact lenses are not made with the same stringent quality standards as the best contact lenses.

I think you’ll agree that having the world’s best costume for a night isn’t worth the possibility of damaging your eyes.

And while some of the top contact lenses may seem a lot more pricey, it’s important to remember that you’ll receive multiple lenses, and they typically don’t expire for numerous years after the date of manufacture, so you can use unopened packs in the future.

The best contact lenses include daily, bi-weekly and monthly options!

The Best Colored Contacts of 2022

The quality of contact lenses varies widely, and certified eye care professionals like optometrists and ophthalmologists will typically recommend one of the following high-quality options:

1. Air Optix Colors

air optix colors 6 pack box

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Looking for a new look? Air Optix Colors are the same breathable, comfortable lenses you love – now in twelve colors. Enhance your current eye color or try something completely new. If you purchase an annual supply, Alcon offers rebates on some of their contact lenses.

2. Dailies Colors

Dailies Colors

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DAILIES®Colors are a daily disposable contact lenses that deliver color enhancement along with eye definition, making eyes appear bigger and brighter. They are available in four colors to enhance both light and dark eyes.

3. FreshLook Colorblends

freshlook colorblends contact lens box

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Whether you’re looking to correct your vision while enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes or are looking for innovative contact lenses that reflect your personality, the FreshLook ColorBlends collection has you covered.

4. FreshLook Colors

freshlook colors contact lens box

Buy FreshLook Colors Now

With FreshLook® Color Contact Lenses, you can choose from a wide range of shades that blend beautifully with the natural color of your eyes. Freshlook lenses use a unique 3-in-1 color technology that allows the beauty of your natural eye color to blend with the shade you select for a natural appearance.

5. FreshLook Dimensions

freshlook dimensions contact lens box

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FreshLook Dimensions contact lenses from CIBA VISION are designed for light eyes. These semi-transparent, colored contacts enhance your natural eye color. FreshLook Dimensions contacts are available in Caribbean Aqua, Sea Green and Pacific Blue.

6. 1 Day Acuvue Define

1-day acuvue define box

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Experience a whole new kind of contact lens with ACUVUE® 1-DAY DEFINE™. This eye-enhancing lens comes in five designs, each made to blend seamlessly with the color of your eyes while giving you a look that is distinctively yours.

7. TORIColors

TORIColors box

Buy TORIColors Now!

TORIColors are the only opaque disposable colored contact lenses for astigmatism. They are available in seabreeze blue, horizon gray, emerald green, and golden amber, and can change your eye color with a beautiful, natural look. Made from non-ionic material that helps prevent protein deposits. TORIColors extreme H2O contacts are designed to retain 97% of moisture throughout the entire day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a prescription to buy colored contacts that have no prescription in them?

Yes! All contact lens purchases made anywhere require a valid contact lens prescription. This is confusing to many people, but it’s required by the Federal Trade Commission.

Why do I need a prescription for colored contacts?

You need a contact lens prescription because all contact lenses are technically regulated as medical devices. Retailers that don’t check for a valid prescription are breaking the laws and are at risk of receiving fines and other punitive measures.

Are colored contacts bad for my eyes?

No, the contact lenses listed above are safe and often recommended by eye care professionals for those looking for colored contact lenses. If you would like to wear colored contacts, inquire with your eye doctor to receive a prescription.

Are there colored contacts for astigmatism?

Yes! The TORIColors toric lenses listed above are made to correct astigmatism!

What’s the best way to save money on contact lenses?

You should always use our contact lens price comparison page to find the participating site with the lowest prices for your lenses! We also have a contact lens coupons page, where you can find up-to-date coupons for your favorite contact lens retailers.