Best Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes And Other Colors

Having blue eyes has long been associated with beauty for a simple reason: it’s rare. And, just like gems such as diamonds, it’s the scarcity that creates the demand. In fact, estimates are that only about 1 in 13 people have blue eyes since it’s a recessive trait.

And as the adage goes, humans are wired to want the things they don’t have, and since most people don’t have blue eyes, it’s something a lot of people desire. And that’s where colored contacts come in.

Thankfully, there are a few really amazing (and safe) color contact lenses that are FDA-approved (aka have been put through rigorous tests to test their breathability and safety) that will transform your eyes to the color of your choice. You will need a prescription to buy these even if you don’t need any power or vision correction since contact lenses are a medical device. If you come across color contacts online that don’t require an eye prescription, it means that they are likely not FDA-approved for wear in the U.S.

Below are our top picks for you if you’re hoping to change your eye color to blue, depending on your current eye color.

Best blue contacts for brown eyes and dark brown eyes

If you’re looking for the best blue contacts for brown eyes, we recommend Air Optix Colors. They come in 12 different colors, of which 3 are blue.

You’d likely be looking at the more vibrant shades of blue below for dark brown eyes. They are called Brilliant Blue and Blue.air optix colors blue options

Alcon regularly updates their rebate program but checking for an Air Optix Colors rebate online could potentially save you a lot of money if you’re buying an annual supply.

Since Air Optix Colors are a monthly lens, they will need to be cleaned and stored between uses, so make sure you have the best contact lens solution liquid for cleaning.

Best blue contacts for dark eyes

air optix colors 6 pack box

Dark eyes, like brown eyes, will require stronger shades if you want that bright blue color. Again we recommend Air Optix Colors for the value that they provide.

Additionally, since they are made from a silicone hydrogel material, they will be much more breathable for your eyes than junky costume contacts that aren’t FDA-approved.

Best blue contacts for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are generally lighter than brown eyes, which means colored contacts will have an easier time showing a pop of color.

If you like the sound of a super high-quality color contact lens but don’t want to have to clean them between wears, you should consider a daily color contact lens!

DAILIES Colors is the top daily color contact available, and it comes in a Mystic Blue color.

dailies colors blue options

Alcon regularly updates their rebate program but checking for a DAILIES Colors rebate online could potentially save you a lot of money if you’re buying an annual supply.

Best blue contacts for green eyes

Like hazel eyes, green eyes are also great candidates for colored contacts!

In addition to our top picks of Air Optix Colors and Dailies Colors, Freshlook Colorblends also makes some popular color contacts.

Freshlook Colorblends come in 3 shades of blue: Brilliant Blue, True Sapphire, and Blue.

freshlook colorblends contact lens box

freshlook colorblends blue options

On the margin, we prefer Air Optix colors contact lenses since they are made of a silicone hydrogel material that provides advanced breathability. Air Optix Colors also feature exclusive SmartShield® Technology and the unique Aqua moisturizing agent that supports initial and lasting comfort. All of these things make them a bit healthier on your eyes. With that said, Freshlook Colorblends is still a FANTASTIC product, and you’ll likely be thrilled with them.

Check prices for both and see which is the right call for you.

Best blue contacts for blue eyes

If you already have blue eyes, you might still be looking for blue contacts if you want to find a deeper color or perhaps tone things down. Air Optix Colors are a great monthly lens that we love.

If you’d prefer a daily lens, Dailies Colors will probably be your best bet! Dailies will typically cost more than 2-week or monthly contacts, but they are more convenient. Read about the cost of colored contact lenses.

Best blue contacts for light eyes

So you already have light eyes, but you are looking for the best blue contacts? We’ve got you. As you can tell from above, we can’t see enough good things about DAILIES Colors or Air Optix Colors.

Dailies Colors

Both are FDA-approved as contact lenses. The last thing you want to do is put a random piece of plastic in your eye that hasn’t undergone rigorous testing and is made in a perfectly sterile environment. You only have two eyes, so you have to take good care of them! One thing worth mentioning is that if you have an astigmatism and need toric lenses, there is a brand called TORIcolors that has color contacts for astigmatism!

TORIColors box

Remember, all of our top picks are ‘real’ contact lenses that come with the option of adding “power” to them if you normally wear glasses or contact lenses to see. These aren’t janky products that you’ll find on a no-name site or abroad. However, they also come in “plano” or with no power so that anyone can wear them too. If you don’t have an eye prescription, see your eye doctor for a quick exam visit and use our site to get the lowest-priced contacts!