Biofinity Contacts Review

If you are looking for a budget-friendly contact lens, keep reading! Biofinity contact lenses provide patients with great comfort while being one of the lowest-cost lenses available. In this Biofinity contacts review, we’ll look at each type of contact, who they’re for, and how they perform.

They provide a variety of lenses for patients who have astigmatism or presbyopia needs. What’s better is they also have XR lenses for those who have a higher script. For those who spend more than 2 hours on electronic devices and experience fatigue, Biofinity makes Energys lenses that help with the transition from on-screen to off-screen. Biofinity’s technology allows hydration and stability of the lens in the eye. This is a great function for anyone whose eyes dry out towards the end of the day. 

While Biofinity lenses have a plethora of positive points, they are only available as monthly lenses. This means having to purchase contact lens solution and being well-versed in cleaning/storage. 

Biofinity contact lenses

What is Biofinity?

The Biofinity Family is sold by CooperVision, a well-established contact lens company. All Biofinity lenses have a replacement schedule of 30 days. 

Coopervision uses Aquaform technology to provide comfort throughout the day for its Biofinity lenses. The comfort is due to the increased moisture binding and oxygen flow through the lens, allowing it to be hydrated. This allows your eyes to be white and clear!

Furthermore, CooperVision also boasts about their Aberration Neutralizing System. This provides the best optics by reducing optical aberration. Some of the Biofinity lenses also have Optimized Toric Lens Geometry which allows for good fit and minimum movement of the lens in the eye.

What Kinds of Contacts Does Biofinity Make?

Available lenses within the Biofinity family include toric, XR toric, Energys, multifocal, and toric multifocal. Other CooperVision families include MyDay, Clariti, MiSight, and Avaira.

Toric and XR Toric 

Biofinity toric lenses
Biofinity XR toric lenses

Toric and XR toric lenses are for patients who have astigmatism. These lenses are shaped in a more curved way that allows for a better and more comfortable fit. Biofinity torics range from  -0.75 to -2.25D. XR toric provides an extended range of toric lenses up to +/- 20.00 D for sphere and -2.75 and -3.25 for cylinder (astigmatism axis). 


Biofinity Energys lenses

If you spend a lot of time on your electronic devices and struggle with the transition from on-screen to off-screen, these lenses are a great option! However, these lenses are only available in spherical lenses and are not an option for astigmatic or presbyopic patients. 

Multifocal and Toric Multifocal

Biofinity multifocal lenses
Biofinity toric multifocal lenses

These lenses are a great option if you are presbyopic. Presbyopia is a naturally occurring process that prevents you from seeing clearly up close. These lenses allow you to transition from distance to near viewing easily. 

How Do Biofinity Contacts Compare to Other Leading Brands?

Biofinity spherical lenses can be purchased as a 6-pack. Depending on the lens choice, the starting prices range from $40-122 which is slightly cheaper than other brands. Bausch + Lomb or Alcon have lenses that range from $50-150. 

Biofinity Energys is unique and cannot be found with any other brands. This lens provides comfort with electronic use. It is great for patients who struggle with dryness and fatigue. 

Are Biofinity Contacts Durable and Wearable?

All Biofinity contacts have a replacement schedule of 30 days. However, this means that as you get closer to the end date, the lenses become more fragile and tend to rip or become more uncomfortable. 

Contact lens wear comfort can vary from person to person. Conditions such as dry eye and seasonal allergies can make monthly lenses uncomfortable. For these patients, I suggest considering daily or biweekly lenses. 

How Much Do Biofinity Contacts Cost?

All Biofinity contacts have a replacement schedule of 30 days which makes them a budget-friendly choice. The starting prices range from $40-122; individual breakdowns of the lenses are listed below. 

While Biofinity lenses are budget-friendly, it is important to take them into account purchasing. This means having to purchase contact lens solution and being well-versed in cleaning/storage. 

Where Can You Get Biofinity Contacts?

Biofinity contacts are sold in many offices or online. You can speak to your doctor about being fit in the right Biofinity products for you. If you already have a Biofinity prescription, you can purchase lenses here, on ContactsCompare. 

Final Verdict on Biofinity Contacts

Biofinity contacts are great if you are looking for cheaper, comfortable monthly lenses! These can be fit on a wide range of patients who require spherical, toric, multifocal, or XR lenses. 

What sets Biofinity apart from other lenses is their Energy lens. The ability of the lens to provide comfort with electronic use is great for patients who struggle with fatigue. 

If you are interested, trial a few lenses with the help of your local eye doctor. Together, you can determine the best lenses for your ocular health, comfort, and visual needs!