The Best Place to Buy Glasses Without Insurance – Top 9

You want or need a new pair of glasses but don’t have insurance to help cover the cost. Thankfully, there are many low-cost and great places to buy glasses without insurance so that you can get your new glasses quickly and move on with your life without breaking the bank.

To find the best place to buy glasses without insurance benefits, we looked for companies with a strong history of excellent customer service, free or low-cost shipping, no hidden fees, and selection. The lowest cost sites offer un-branded products while other places sell the brands you recognize, like Ray-Ban and Oakley.

low cost glasses for no insurance


If you want to buy a really great pair of glasses at an affordable price, then look no further.

EyeBuyDirect is one of the top eyeglass sellers in the world for a reason: free shipping (usually 2-day), 24/7 customer service, 14-day no questions asked free returns, and a 365-day quality guarantee.

They also carry premium brands like Ray-Ban if you’re in the market for something a bit more fancy. If you’ve never purchased glasses online, you can use their virtual try-on tool to see what they’ll look like! Easy peasy.

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Similar to our top pick, Discount Glasses shines due to its customer-first ethos. We love that they offer free shipping and free returns on all products.

In addition to their low-cost offerings, DiscountGlasses carries many fashion labels and other popular brands of glasses. Their combination of an insanely wide selection with an easy-to-use site is a winning combination.

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You might know ACLens for their amazing contact lens deals, but they are also an amazing store for glasses!

And since you don’t have vision insurance, we LOVE that they usually have a 20% off coupon for new customers. That’s a whole lot of savings.

They also offer free shipping on all glasses and free returns so you can try them risk-free.

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Warby Parker came to fame because of their stylish frames and beautiful website (and stores!). They were the first to introduce millions of customers to at-home try-ons and ethically priced glasses. And are wildly popular with young people and seasoned adults alike.

With prescription glasses starting at $95, with free shipping and free returns, you know you will get designer-quality frames at a much lower cost.

One really cool benefit of shopping at Warby Parker vs. the other stores is that you can take your glasses into any physical location to have them fit and adjusted to your liking.

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Liingo offers complete pairs of glasses (frames plus lenses starting at $79). They offer tons of fun styles so that you can find something different than your standard glasses (they do carry lots of more mainstream options, too!).

If you like to wear glasses that are bright and colorful, I would start my search here. For reference, their prices are comparable to Warby Parker’s.

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If you simply want one of the cheapest pairs of glasses available online, then Zenni needs to be considered. They offer glasses as low as $6.95 (plus $4.95 shipping).

If you want the glasses to have a scratch-resistant or anti-reflective coating, you will pay extra for those.

Zenni offers 30-day free returns if you are unhappy with the product and also sells glasses for children.

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If you have a job that requires protective glasses or need glasses for sports, offers a wide arrange of safety glasses from leading brands like Nike.

Their selection of safety prescription glasses and sunglasses is pretty broad, but if you want regular glasses (that aren’t up to professional safety standards), you likely find their offering limited.

If you need prescription swimming goggles, they offer those as well, which is pretty cool!

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Many people prefer to wear contact lenses for physical activities, so here’s the list of the best contacts for sports!


So you want to buy designer glasses (Tom Ford, Fendi, Gucci, etc.) at a competitive price, then GlassesUSA is your perfect match.

GlassesUSA offers free shipping, 14-day free returns, and a 365-day quality guarantee.

That means you can purchase your glasses from leading brands and rest assured that you’ll be receiving a world-class product.

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If you are looking for a beautiful and trendy pair of blue-light glasses, then Baxter Blue is the first company that comes to mind. Their designs are beautifully timeless and are perfect for anyone who spends hours looking at computer, tablet, or phone screens each day.

Blue light has been linked to poor sleep patterns so it might be a worthwhile investment!

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Is Vision Insurance Worth Having for Glasses

Vision insurance is a benefit that you can get via your benefits plan at work. It’ll usually cost you between $5 and $20 per month, and you’ll usually be entitled to a free eye check annually and some sort of stipend for glasses or contact lenses.

If you have a stable prescription (meaning your eyesight doesn’t change from year to year) and have no vision or other eye issues, you can probably get away without an annual eye exam (although doctors recommend it).

An annual eye exam cost varies from office to office, but you can get an online prescription renewal from places like for free. A full in-office exam usually costs between $50 and $150, but again, this varies widely based on your location, etc.