The Best Black Friday 2021 Deals on Contact Lenses

The team here at Contacts Compare has been working hard to find YOU the best Black Friday deals on contact lenses!

If you have an FSA spending account, remember that your money will expire at the end of the year so that’s just one more reason to take advantage of the sales to get your favorite contact lenses!

The best part is that you don’t need to wait until Friday to lock in those sweet Black Friday deals. Below are the best deals available for your contact lenses.

Black Friday 2021 Coupon Codes

To get started, use ContactsCompare and search for your favorite lenses to see which site sells them for the best price!

Here are the LOWEST prices on some of the most popular lenses available:

Black Friday Tips for Buying Contact Lenses

Don’t Pay for Shipping

Most contact lens retailers offer free shipping year-round. But there are still a few holdouts that require you to pay for shipping if your order falls below a certain amount (usually $100). Make sure that you don’t buy your contacts from a company that charges for shipping. There are too many good deals on contact lenses to have to pay for contacts. You can see the list above for the best deals available.

Stock Up While You Can

The best way to stack savings is to combine Black Friday coupon codes with manufacturers’ rebates when you buy an annual supply. Even if your order doesn’t qualify for a rebate, buying an annual supply at a time is good idea because you likely won’t find a deal like this until next year.

Click to learn about Acuvue’s rebate program.

Click to learn about Alcon’s rebate program (valid for Dailies Total 1, Precision 1, and Air Optix contact lenses).

Use your Vision Insurance Benefits

If you have vision insurance, make sure you use it to help offset the cost of contact lenses. Many plans will give you $100 off or more on your order with proof of purchase. Reach out to your plan’s administrator if you have benefit questions.

Use Your FSA Account to Buy Contact Lenses

Many people don’t realize that FSA (flexible spending account) money expires at the end of each calendar year. So if you have an FSA account as part of your employment benefits, one amazing way to use that money is to buy contact lenses since they qualify as health care expenses.