Acuvue Vita vs Oasys

Acuvue has been a top brand and one of the most trusted by eye care professionals. Acuvue provides patients with a variety of comfortable and top-rated contact lens options. But with options comes confusion. To help you choose the right lens for you, I’m going to compare Acuvue Vita and Acuvue Oasys, some of their top-selling lenses.

How Do Acuvue Vita And Oasys Compare?

Both lenses are manufactured by Johnson and Johnson Vision Care. They are made from a Silicone Hydrogel (SiHy) material that provides patients with ultimate comfort. Their oxygen transmissibility (Dk), or the diffusion and solubility of oxygen across the material, is equal. Both lenses have Class 1 UV blocking, which is the highest protection available. 

Vita and Oasys come in a base curve (BC) of 8.4 or 8.8 mm and a 14 mm diameter. Both lenses can be worn as daily wear lenses (which is different from daily disposable). 

The correction amount provided by both the lenses ranges from -12.00D to +8.00D. These lenses are available in 0.5 steps from -12.00D to -6.00 D, 0.25 steps from -6.00D to +6.00D, and then 0.5D steps from +6.00D to +8.00D. This wide range with 0.25 and 0.50 steps provides you with a more precise correction option. 

  • SiHy material
  • Equal DK
  • Class 1 UV
  • 8.4 or 8.8 mm BC
  • 14 mm diameter
  • Range: -12.00 to +8.00

As you can see, the similarities are plenty! It simply depends on your comfort and needs.

acuvue oasys and acuvue vita product boxes side by side

Acuvue Vita Overview

If you find yourself overwearing your biweekly lenses, this monthly lens might be a great option for you! Acuvue Vita is a newer lens that was released in 2016. It has Hydramax technology that provides the wearer with the ultimate comfort by maintaining hydration through integration with natural tear lipids. Therefore, the comfort on the last day of the month is comparable to day one of wear! Furthermore, Vita has an infinity edge design (smoother edge) that adds to the comfort. 

Acuvue Vita is for 1-month wear used for myopic, hyperopic, and astigmatic patients. Unfortunately, this lens is not available for presbyopes, unlike Acuvue Oasys. 

The cost of this lens ranges from $50-80 for a 6-month supply. You can use our price comparison page for Acuvue Vita to see the most accurate prices. 

This lens is not approved for overnight wear and must be removed before bedtime. 


  • Comfort (SiHy material)
  • Class 1 UV blocker
  • Affordability due to 1 month lenses
    Infinity edge design 


  • No lenses for presbyopes
  • Not overnight lens

Acuvue Oasys Daily Overview 

If you have dry eyes and struggle with keeping contacts in all day like me, I suggest Acuvue Oasys Hydraluxe in comparison to Vita. Daily lenses are more comfortable and are generally the best option for dry eye patients. Acuvue Oasys has Hydralux or Hydraclear technology that provides the wearer with good comfort. Acuvue states that this design “evenly spreads all the layers of the tear film.” This technology provides patients with a lubricated ocular surface. 

Oasys lenses are available as dailies (Hydraluxe) or biweekly (Hydraclear). Oasys can be used for myopic, hyperopic, astigmatic, and even presbyopic patients. Released in 2005, they have been used for years and are the most commonly sought after. 

The cost of this lens is about $90-100 for a 3-month supply depending on the lens criterion. You can use our price comparison page for Acuvue Oasys Dailies and Acuvue Oasys Biweekly to see the most accurate prices. 

This lens may be used as an overnight lens in special circumstances. Please do not sleep in contacts unless specifically directed by your eye doctor. Sleeping in contact lenses can result in an increased infection rate and damage to your cornea. 

Both lenses have a blue tint that will help identify the lens and makes it easier for insertion and removal. If you drop it, the tint makes it easier for you to find your lenses! But don’t worry, the tint does not affect the color of your eye or your vision!


  • Lenses for Presbyopes are available 
  • Comfort (SiHy material)
  • Class 1 UV blocker
  • Available as dailies or biweekly
  • Overnight wear
  • Blue tint


Comfort of Acuvue Vita vs. Acuvue Oasys

The comfort of both Vita and Oasys is similar on many levels due to new and improved technology. Personal experience has shown me that Oasys dailies are slightly better for dry eyes. However, it is important to keep in mind that everyone’s eyes are different. What works for one person, may not work for another! 

Cost Comparison 

The cost of Acuvue Vita ranges from $50-80 for a 6-month supply, while the cost of Acuvue Oasys is about $90-100 for a 3-month supply depending on the lens criterion. Acuvue Vita is slightly cheaper at about $10 per month per eye and about $30 per month per eye. Try our lens comparison page to determine the best lens for you. 

What Is The Best Contact Lens For You?

Each person has different requirements that make each lens a good or bad option. 

If you are looking for a more cost-effective option, then the Acuvue Vita biweekly would be your best option. It is on average $10 per month per eye in comparison to Oasys’ $30 per month per eye. 

If comfort from dry eyes and contact lens wear is what you are looking for, then the Acuvue Oasys Hydraluxe will provide the best comfort. If you don’t have dry eyes, then both lens options will have equal comfort! There have been no comfort studies conducted to date. 

If you are a presbyope, your best option would be the Acuvue Oasys which has a multifocal contact lens available. 

Trial a few lenses with the help of your local eye doctor to determine the best lenses for your ocular health and visual needs!